Stubborn Fat

We offer variety of treatment choices to address the areas of stubborn fat. We use deoxycolic acid to breakdown the fat cells.

We also use other below technologies when appropriate.

Please note these treatments is not a substitute for weight loss.

Fat dissolving injection under chin

This treatment allows to shape the jawline and area around the chin.

We often combine this treatment with HIFU to tighten the skin and further enhance the results

Fat dissolving injections – body

This treatment is suitable for relatively small patches off fat tissue for example around bra line, stomach, love handles.

We can further combine this treatment with Morpheus8


This treatment allows to tackle small areas of fat and skin laxity at the same time.

Also suitable for upper arms and tight area, which we don’t normally treat with fat dissolving injections alone trying to avoid loos skin.

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What to expect with the treatment?

Prior to treatment you are required to discuss the treatment with the one of our practitioners at Hardwick clinic to determine whether the treatment is a suitable option for you. You will be advised whether more than 1 treatment session is required for you. Results of each session can be assessed after 4 weeks time. If you require more than 1 treatment session your treatments will be administered 1-month apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the recovery time?

The treatment causes minimal pain so recovery time is very short. You may experience some swelling in the first couple of days post-treatment. Occasionally swelling can take upto 2 weeks to settle. Please account for this when planning important events. The Most common side effects include bruising, redness and numbness after the injections which normally resolve shortly after the treatment

What are the contraindications for this treatment:

Pregnancy breastfeeding
Trying for a baby
Been under the age of 18
Autoimmune conditions
Keloid scaring
Plans to have surgery on the area of treatment in the near future
Bleeding problems
Trouble swallowing for facial treatment

How many treatments will I need ?

This depends on the volume of fat and the area being treated. On average two to four treatments are required to achieve desired results.

Will I notice results immediately ?

The lypolytic injections start to work immediately but results do not become visible typically for at least two weeks.

Are the results permanent ?

Destruction of fat cells using lypoltyic injections is permanent. However, if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle new adipose deposition will occur in areas of existing fat.

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Why choose Hardwick Clinic?

We offer prescription medication to remove fat from stubborn areas that do not respond effectively to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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**Results and pictures are indicative only. Actual results may vary from patient to patient

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