Body Shape Concerns

We offer a range of treatments for sculpting the shape of your body.

Fat Dissolving Injections

We offer fat dissolving injections (e.g. Belkyra, Desoface, Aqualyx) in combination with HiFu if needed for stubborn areas of fat in combination with a healthy lifestyle and exercise for permanent fat loss in targeted areas.

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High Frequency Ultrasound

High Frequency Ultrasound (HiFu) can be used to change the shape of the midface, jawline and under-chin regions. Its combination of skin-tightening with fat loss can be used to shape the jawline, reduce jowels and the appearance of a double-chin.

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Non-surgical Bum lift

This treatment involves a microcurrent treatment combined with lymphatic drainage to enhance and lift the bum. This gives a tighter, firmer and rounder appearance. A series of treatments is usually required for the best results.

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**Results and pictures are indicative only. Actual results may vary from patient to patient

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