Skin Laxity

Skin laxity is a common problem that we face as we get older.
It is also common after weight loss and is associated with sun damage.
Skin laxity can affect different parts of the body at different rate. For example the skin around eyes and neck is know to lose elasticity faster. Also after pregnancy, some women can have much more lax skin on their stomach.
We offer a number of treatment options that can address skin laxity in different way.

Skin boosters

We offer a range of skin boosters including Profhilo which suits different age groups and addresses different causes of skin laxity.
Skin laxity can affect different areas of the body at a different rate, hence different products are required to address this.

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Dermal filler

Lanluma and Radiesse are non-hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that act by promoting collagen and can be used to address skin laxity in some parts of the body.

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A treatment choice specifically designed to address skin laxity in any area of the body including around the eyes. This treatment utilises radio frequency stimulation deep under the skin to stimulate production of collagen.

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A more gentle option with no down time which works on improving collagen in the skin and improving skin laxity.
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High Frequency Ultrasound (HiFu)

This works by improving skin laxity of the lower part of the face and neck by stimulating deep under the surface of the skin with focused ultrasound.

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