Neck and Décolletagé

We offer a range of treatments for Neck and Décolleté area.

Fat dissolving injections

Fat dissolving injection under chin allow to shape the the upper part of the neck and give a nice angle of jaw and neck.
Prior to starting this treatment we require a careful assessment of the quality of skin.
We often combine this treatment with HIFU
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High Frequency Ultrasound

Tightening the skin of the jawline and the upper part of the neck.

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Skin boosters

We have a range of skin boosters and that we can offer to improve the quality of skin when required.

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Dermal filler.

Lanluma is especially good treatment choice for the neck and décolleté area.
Other types of dermal filler can be used to address specific types of neck and decollate concerns.

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Is exceptionally good treatment to dress skin quality and skin laxity for both neck and décolleté. This is a chemical and injection free option to consider.

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Is pain free, needle free, chemical free cologen stimulating treatment choice for milder skin laxity and as a top up for Morpheus8

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Can be used to soften appearance of platisma bands and some types of neck lines.

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Skin PRP

Excellent way to rejuvenate the skin without any chemicals and reduce the appearance of lines. It is also a very good add on treatment to Morpheus8 and skin boosters.

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