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Fat dissolving / Lipolytic injections Face and Body

We offer prescription medication (deoxycholic acid) otherwise known under Kybella in the US, Aqualyx, Belkyra, Deso Face and Deso Body in Europe and the UK.

This medication works by breaking down fat cells which are then reabsorbed by the body. Destruction of the fat cells produces permanent results in the area of treatment. Fat-dissolving (lypolytic) injections are only suitable for small stubborn areas of fat that do not respond effectively to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Double Chin Treatment

What to expect with the treatment?

Prior to treatment you are required to discuss the treatment with the one of our practitioners at Hardwick clinic to determine whether the treatment is a suitable option for you. You will be advised whether more than 1 treatment session is required for you. Results of each session can be assessed after 4 weeks time. If you require more than 1 treatment session your treatments will be administered 1-month apart.

Which areas can be treated?

  • Jawline dissolving of the fat around the jawline can improve the appearance and the definition of the jawline. to achieve the best possible results fat dissolving injections can be combined with HiFu, RF, dermal fillers, advanced Botox injections and PDO threads. your personalised treatment plan will be developed during your initial consolation. Fat dissolving injections into this are are administered using very small injections.

  • Double chin area (submental area) this area is treated using small injections. To achieve the best possible result the treatment of this area is often combined with High Frequency Focused Ultrasound (HiFu).

  • Body: Stubborn areas of fat can be treated in the body. these areas include love handles, abdomen, knees, arms, thighs, areas of the back and many other areas where a person has struggled to loss weight through lifestyle modification, diet and excercise. Fat dissolving injection provide permanent results by destruction of the fat cells therefore work best for people who have stable weight but struggle to shift small areas of fat deposits; Should you require help with weight loss please visit our weight loss page.

    Deoxycholic Lypolytic injection double chin

    How long is the recovery time?

    The treatment causes minimal pain so recovery time is very short. You may experience some swelling in the first couple of days post-treatment. Occasionally swelling can take upto 2 weeks to settle. Please account for this when planning important events. The Most common side effects include bruising, redness and numbness after the injections which normally resolve shortly after the treatment

    Contraindication for treatment:

    • Pregnancy breastfeeding
    • Trying for a baby
    • Been under the age of 18
    • Autoimmune conditions
    • Keloid scaring
    • Plans to have surgery on the area of treatment in the near future
    • Bleeding problems
    • Trouble swallowing for facial treatment


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many treatments will I need ?

    This depends on the volume of fat and the area being treated. On average two to four treatments are required to achieve desired results.

    Will I notice results immediately ?

    The lypolytic injections start to work immediately but results dont become visible typically for at least two weeks.

    Are the results permanent ?

    Destruction of fat cells using lypoltyic injections is permanent. However, if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle new adipose deposition will occur in areas of existing fat.


    If you are considering this treatment, you must have a consultation with our Doctor. Please book a free consultation slot via our website below.

    If you have already had a consultation with our prescriber then you may book the treatment below

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    **Results described here and in the picture are indicative. Actual results may vary from patient to patient

Further Information

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