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For treatments not listed here, or for other issues it is best to consult with the Doctor in advance of treatment to confirm pricing. Some patients will require more product than others and prices vary according to the quantity of product used. If in doubt please contact us.


1 Area£160
2 Areas£210
3 Areas£260
4 Areas+£290
Areas of Botox Injections

Facelift PDO Threads (Non-surgical)

For most people a 6 or 8 PDO thread lift is sufficient, additional threads may be used at extra cost (see below)
6 Thread lift (3 per side)£600
8 Thread lift (4 per side)£800
Additional thread£100 (per thread)

Dermal Filler

Hyaluronic Acid filler

0.5ml Syringe (0.5ml)£160
1st Syringe (1ml)£220
2nd Syringe (1ml)£180
3rd Syringe (1ml)£160

Semi-permanent filler (e.g. Radiesse) 1.5ml

1st Syringe (1.5ml)£300
2nd Syringe (1.5ml)£280
3rd Syringe (1.5ml)£250

Lips usually require only 1 syringe

Other procedures should be discussed in advance with your doctor

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)


Hyaluronidase Treatment (Filler Reversal)

Areas for Fillers

Advanced Filler Techniques

Non-surgical faceliftDiscuss with doctor
Jawline ContouringFrom: £220
Tear Trough (Eye bags)From: £220-400

Prices for advanced techniques

Specific prices for advanced techniques may vary considerably depending on the amount of product required and the difficulty level and time required for these delicate areas of the face. For confirmed pricing please discuss in advance with your Doctor.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HiFu, Ultherapy)

Forehead and brow: (upper face) (45 mins)£190
Chin: (Double chin treatment) (45 mins) £190
Jawline Contouring (1 hour)£210
Jawline Contouring and mid-face tightening (1 hour 15 mins)£260
Jawline Contouring and neck tightening (1 hour 15 mins)£260
Jawline Contouring, mid-face, neck tightening (1.5 hours)£280
Jawline, full face, neck and chin tightening (1 hour 45 mins)
Includes free light chemical peel
Whole face: forehead, brow, cheek, jawline, chin, neck (>2.5 hours)
includes free light chemical peel
please discuss in advance as this is a long procedure.

Prices for different areas

If you have specific regions you would like to target, please discuss with us, so we can adjust the pricing and timing appropriately.

Plasma Pen - Skin Tightening

When multiple treatments are required, subsequent treatments charged at £120. In most cases a single treatment is sufficient.

Eyelid lift (non-surgical blepharoplasty), upper or lower eyelid, and crow's feet area (1 hour)£350
Crow's Feet (45 mins)£250
Forehead (45 mins)£250
Forehead and Upper Eye-lift/brow-lift (1.5 hours)£450
Mouth (Smoker's lines)(45 mins)£250
Nasolabial folds (45 mins)£250
Mouth and Nasolabial folds (1 hour)£450
Neck Tightening (1 hour)£450
Pigmentation or skin-tag removal (30 mins)£60-120 (depending on size and time required)
Follow-up / Touch-up treatments£120

Prices for different areas

If you have specific regions you would like to target, please discuss with us, so we can adjust the pricing and timing appropriately.


Mesotherapy treatment includes a free chemical peel (exfoliation) and free Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
Single treatment£125

Dermal Roller

Dermal Roller treatment includes a free chemical peel (exfoliation) and Photodynamic therapy (PDT) and application of Teoxane RHA skin booster.
1 treatment£125

Chemical Peel Rejuvenation Facial with PDT (1hr)

Cost per treatment£80

PRP Therapy (Vampire Facial)

Treatment includes a complimentary chemical peel
PRP Treatment (Face)£275
PRP Treatment
(Face, Neck, Décollétte)
PRP and Dermaroller (Face)£325
PRP and Dermaroller
(Face, Neck, Décollétte)
PRP and Mesotherapy (Face)£325
PRP and Mesotherapy
(Face, Neck, Décollétte)
PRP, Mesotherapy and Dermaroller (Face)£400
PRP, Mesotherapy and Dermaroller
(Face, Neck, Décollétte)

Hair Loss Treatments

PRP Treatment (Full head)
One Treatment
PRP and Mesotherapy combined
One Treatment
Hair Loss MedicationDepends on product

Weight Loss

Consultation with Doctor
In Person/Skype
£60 (Follow-ups free)
Saxenda (liraglutide) Injection 3mg£120 (1 pen)
£260 (3 pens)
£320 (5 pens)
Mysimba (Naltrexone 8mg/Bupropion 90mg)£85 (21 tablets)
£120 (56 tablets)
£180 (112 tablets)
Orlistat 120mg
One Month Course (84 tablets)
Phentermine 37.2mg£45 (14 tablets)
£65 (30 tablets)
Diethylproprion 75mg£45 (14 tablets)
£65 (30 tablets)

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