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Current Prices for most procedures are available on our price list Prices

For treatments not listed here, or for other issues it is best to consult with the Doctor in advance of treatment to confirm pricing.

Some patients will require more product than others and prices vary according to the quantity of product used. If in doubt please contact us.


1 Area£165
2 Areas£210
3 Areas£260
4 Areas+£290
Areas of Botox Injections

Dermal Filler

1st Syringe (1ml)£225
2nd Syringe (1ml)£180
3rd Syringe (1ml)£150

Lips usually require only 1 syringe

Other procedures should be discussed in advance with your doctor

Areas for Fillers


Mesotherapy treatment includes a free exfoliation treatment
Course of 3 treatments£175 (per treatment)
Course of 5 treatments£180 (per treatment)

Dermal Roller

Dermal Roller treatment includes a free exfoliation treatment
1 treatment£175
Course of 3 treatments£170 (per treatment)

Chemical Peel (exfoliation)

Cost per treatment£65-£85 depending on product

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