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In order to lose weight, you need to eat less than your body needs, so that your body will start using your fat stores for energy.

Weight Management Plans

At Weight Loss Club™, we offer a range of dietary approaches. Sometimes it is neccessary to combine a few of these approaches together, to develop your personalised plan. Your Doctor will guide you through this process. The following section describes some of the main approaches we use:

Calorie Restiction

The Calorie Restriction plan is based on you eating fewer calories (kCal) than your body needs, so that your body will start using your fat stores for energy. The daily calorie allowance varies from person to person and is worked out on the basis of your weight, height, sex, age and the level of physical activity that you do. At Weight Loss Club™, we will work out your personalised calorie allowance.

Using this calorie counting approach in combination with lifestyle changes, physical activity and our medications produces steady and long-lasting weight loss.

This approach requires you to monitor your calories on a daily basis. Packaged food will usually list the calorie content (kcal). There are also large number of resources available ranging from books to smartphone apps to help you count the calories you consume from food and drink. Your Doctor will guide you through the most effective ways to monitor your calorie intake.

One of the advantages of losing weight by calorie counting is that you can eat anything you like as long as you stay within your calorie allowance. However, having a balanced diet which is low in sugar and saturated fat is the most desirable for better results and health.

Intermittent - 5:2

The 5:2 approach enables you to lose weight without dieting every day. This approach promotes eating a normal, healthy diet 5 days a week, but reducing your calories significantly for 2-3 fasting days.

One of the advantages of this approach is that it allows you to eat your favourite foods on non-fast days. However it is vital that you monitor your portion sizes and intake on these days to not overeat. Your Doctor will work out the right nutritional balance for you.

Many people report that this approach encourages healthy food choices on non-fasting days and gives increased levels of energy and freedom from cravings and anxiety surrounding food.

You can expect to feel hungrier on fast days. However, we would normally offer you medication to decrease your hunger levels on these days.

There are no major side effects of this approach. You may experience mild headaches on fasting days. Constipation is also a risk. Drinking plenty of water and eating vegetables, salad and fruit on these days is helpful.

Mediterranean - Low Carb

This low-carb approach, also known as the Mediterranean plan, is based on eating foods rich in vegetables, olive oil, nuts and protein. It is also an effective way to lose weight, improve blood sugar control and cholesterol levels.

The Mediterranean way of eating has been shown to be especially beneficial for people who are suffering from:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Insulin-resistance
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Metabolic syndromes

For this approach we actively avoid starchy carbohydrates: i.e. Bread, Pasta, Rice and Potatotes. We also avoid fast-food, sugary drinks and sugary food.

People on the Mediterranean low-carb plan lose weight and feel less hungry. Many overweight people have metabolic changes that make them feel hungry all the time. Our medications, in combination with this approach will allow you to manage your eating habits and food cravings effectively.

Very Low Energy Diet (VLED)

This is an intensive plan for those looking for more rapid weight-loss. This is a clinically supervised plan, involving eating only approximately 800 calories a day for a period of up to 12 weeks.

In general, these intensive low energy approaches are difficult to follow for many people. However, at Weight Loss Club™, our medications make this approach easier to follow. However, this approach, while effective, may not be for everybody.

We would require you to replace two of your daily means with low-calorie shakes, soups or other products. Your doctor will provide you with a comprehensive plan and a list of suitable meal-replacement options.

The third meal of the day would usually be high in protein and also contain vegetables and/or salad.

Your Doctor will supervise your progress through this intensive plan.


The weight-loss plans described above will be tailored to your needs. Your Doctor will closely monitor your progress throughout your weight loss journey.

You may have tried diet plans before and failed. However, Weight Loss Club™ medication combined with ongoing support from your Doctor will greatly improve your chances of success.

**The weightloss treatments we provide require you to follow a healthy eating, lifestyle plan. Actual results vary from patient to patient

Further Information

Additional treatments may be available. For further details about this and other procedures, please contact us for more information.

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