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After your thorough initial paid consultation and assessment our Doctor may recommend you one of the following weight-loss medications. All medications that we provide are recognised weight-loss treatments and are fully approved and licensed for use in the UK. These are prescription only medications that only our qualified Doctors are able to provide. These medications work together with your nutritional, fitness and wellbeing program developed by your doctor. Please note that medication costs are not included in the consultation price.


This medication is sometimes referred to as the "skinny jab". It contains liraglutide and is marketed as Saxenda. This medication regulates appetite and carbohydrate metabolism. It can be used long-term for weight-loss and maintenance of healthy weight. This medication is injected daily using a special prefilled pen which minimises any discomfort and can be very discreetly administered. To find out more about Saxenda, please visit their website saxenda.com. Further Information about Saxenda is also available including a patient leaflet:PDF

Saxenda Pen

This tablet contains Naltrexone and Bupropion, both of which are known to reduce appetite and craving for food. Together, they are a powerful and effective weight-loss and maintenance treatment. Mysimba can also be used longer-term. This medication is especially useful for people who struggle to control their eating patterns and cravings for food. Further Information about Mysimba is available, including a patient leaflet:PDF

**The weightloss treatments we provide require you to follow a healthy eating, lifestyle plan. Actual results vary from patient to patient

Further Information

Additional treatments may be available. For further details about this and other procedures, please contact us for more information.

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