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Weight gain is not simply a result of eating too much. It is caused by a complex interplay between the environment, lifestyle coupled with your emotional and physical health.

Successful weight loss and long term health weight maintenance can only be achieved through addressing all of the factors that caused you to gain the weight in the first place.

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Psychological and emotional well-being, breaking unhealthy eating habits and making positive changes that fit into your day-to-day routine are needed to succeed.

Psychological Support

A significant part of the Weight Loss Club™ approach to weight management is addressing psychological factors that may have caused you to gain weight. These may also be what stop you from losing weight and what would prevent you from keeping it off in the future. One size does not fit all for any weight-loss program.

We offer a personalized aproach to getting you emotional health up to speed with your weight loss.

At the beginning of your Weight Loss Club™ program, you will be provided with self-help information. This is required to break bad habits and to increase your awareness of emotional eating, improve your motivation and to help you avoid temptation. In cases when our patients require more intensive forms of psychological intervention, we are able to provide further guidelines. Here, we would help you to access support via either the NHS or the private sector. You will not feel alone and we will support you all the way.

**The weightloss treatments we provide require you to follow a healthy eating, lifestyle plan. Actual results vary from patient to patient

Further Information

Additional treatments may be available. For further details about this and other procedures, please contact us for more information.

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